There’s a lot of skepticism out there surrounding Jonah Hex and this new trailer for the film probably won’t do much to erase it. It’s much the same as the last trailer. Josh Brolin still looks like he’s attempting something kind of incredible, yet he’s still burdened with that annoying flap of skin. Megan Fox, despite rumors to the contrary does not look like an anorexic waif, and there’s lot of shooting and rock music and explosions and all the usual Hollywood, summer blockbuster stuff. I’m still holding out hope that Jonah Hex will be a lot of fun.

Based on the graphic novels of the same name, Jonah Hex tells the story of a scarred drifter hired by the U.S. military to track down and stop a terrorist bent on unleashing Hell. Note the capitalized “H”. Watch the second Jonah Hex trailer below:

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