One of the big questions still hovering around Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is whether or not Megatron will show up in it. There’s been evidence to suggest he is, but Michael Bay recently squashed those rumors when he stated unequivocally: “He’s not in this movie.”

Or maybe he’s a liar.

Earlier in the week here we ran Transformers 2 ShoWest footage released by Michael Bay, to promote the film. Suddenly, and rather inexplicably, a few hours after posting theVimeo embed of the video on Cinema Blend, it stopped working and generated a notice insisting that we did not have permission to embed the video on Cinema Blend. This was somewhat confusing, since the video had been specifically posted on Bay’s own site, with permission to embed it enabled.

A quick trip to back to revealed the video was now entirely gone. Baffled, I moved on.

It seems they may have pulled it, because the video contained something Bay didn't want you to see. According to the sharp eyes at The Cinema Source the ShoWest video contained a huge spoiler, one which counterdicts everything Bay’s been telling us. They say the video showed a rather clear picture of Megatron, front and center, much the same as he looked in the original Transformers. See if you can spot it in the flash encode of the original ShoWest video, below, or click over to TCS for a detailed explanation. I think I spotted it at around 2:22, but it’s hard to tell. Is it there, or are they just blowing smoke?

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