As part of his ongoing battle against traditional media and the customary ways to market movies, Kevin Smith auctioned off the right to premiere the next poster for his new film Red State to the site that made the largest donation to the charity THARCE-Gulu, which benefits former child soldiers recuperating in Northern Uganda. The winning bidder was the film site Ma's Meatloaf, and they premiered the poster that you can see in smaller form below. It features Melissa Leo, who plays one of the religious fundamentalist crazies in Red State and is also tearing up the awards circuit for her performance in The Fighter, clutching a Bible in a way that's scary without even knowing anything else about the movie.

And as much as I'm annoyed with a lot of Smith's grandstanding over the way he's promoting Red State, he's asking people to include the information on the charity benefited here, and I can't really argue with that. THARCE-Gulu is a charity founded by Eliza Dushku, and as mentioned above, provides housing and therapy for former children soldiers in northern Uganda, You can donate money to the cause and learn more about THARCE-Gulu here.

OK, on to the poster, and the teaser trailer below that in case you missed it the first time around. Learn much more about Red State once we--hopefully!-- catch it at the Sundance premiere next month.

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