Well, that didn't take long. The fourth and final character trailer for The Men Who Stare At Goats is now online, merely a few hours after the last. Completing the quadrumvirate (yes, it's a word, look it up) is Kevin Spacey's evil genius, Larry Hooper, who, and I'm just spit-balling here, is probably the film's main bad guy.

Much like Lyn Cassady, Larry Hooper was trained as a psychic spy during the first Gulf War, but it would seem that his powers are a bit more limited. What do I mean by that? While Lyn is busy killing goats with his mind, cloud bursting or demonstrating the sparkly eyes technique, it would appear that Hooper spends a great deal of his time summoning his misinformed spirit guide, Maude, and dooming marriages. Though it is pretty cool that he can kill with one touch, give or take 18 years. Check out the trailer below or in HD over at Trailer Addict.

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