The term “iron lady” is used to refer to “strong willed” women and is frequently used to describe women in government, Margaret Thatcher among them, which certainly explains the title of the film based on a part of Thatcher’s life and work. The poster for The Iron Woman keeps it simple, giving us a look of star Meryl Streep as she takes on the challenging task of playing Margaret Thatcher.

Given Streep’s long list of outstanding performances, if anyone is up to the challenge of playing the former British Prime Minster, she is. In fact, I doubt it’s too much of a stretch to suggest that this role has Oscar nominee written all over it, should her performance live up to or surpass what we’ve seen from her in other roles. Or maybe that’s just all of the Oscar buzz in the air talking.

Here's the poster, courtesy of Yahoo.

Celebrating conservatism with a navy blue background, Streep faces right, her expression seeming to fit with the “Never Compromise” logline. There’s just the faintest hint of a smile there and you have to wonder what might be going on in her head. Speaking of which, coming out of the side (back-ish) of her head is the Palace of Westminster turned sideways, possibly representing Thatcher as a woman and as a political leader.

Also among the cast for the film, which is set for a December release date, are Jim Broadbent, Anthony Head, Harry Grant and Richard Grant. More on the movie, including a couple more photos of Streep as Thatcher here.

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