It doesn’t matter where your musical tastes lie, if you’re anywhere from age 23 to 30 you no doubt grew up on the musical stylings of the Wu-Tang Clan, and subsequently the solo career of Method Man. There was nothing not to love about his hilarious lyrics and downright silliness both on and off stage, and now, after being under the radar for a little while, Method Man has emerged in a low budget thriller called The Mortician.

The film has Meth as the titular mortician who gets himself wrapped up with a notorious mobster looking for a missing kid. The official synopsis at Shock Til You Drop is a little bit hard to follow, but that doesn’t make the following pictures any less awesome. Sporting a very Dr. Watson-esque look, Method Man pulls off the bowler hat, glasses and vintage coat better than you could have imagined. May we be seeing the genesis of a young acting career? We’ll see after the movie comes out, but he at least has the look.

The Mortician also returns Edward Furlong to the screen after spending a little too much time working for Uwe Boll, but we’ll also see him again at the start of next year in Michel Gondry’s Green Hornet. Scope out a few of the images below and hit STYD for the rest and official synopsis.

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