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Michael Bay has gone on the record over and over again on how much he doesn't like 3D, and how his shooting style is too "aggressive" and "old school" to accommodate either 3D cameras or post-production 3D. But as much as Michael Bay may believe he's the earth's most powerful being, there's something bigger than him out there, and it's 3D. We learned back in February that Paramount was likely pressuring Bay to put Transformers 3 in 3D, and now according to Market Saw he's capitulated and agreed to actually shoot the thing in 3D, not just convert it after the fact.

They're getting the news from Vince Pace, the founder of Pace 3D technologies, a.k.a. the company that makes the 3D cameras Bay previously disdained so much. Transformers 3 has already been shooting some second-unit stuff in the D.C. area, but I can imagine Bay being OK converting some elements and bringing in the 3D cameras for the actor moments or some of the bigger action scenes. It's bizarre to see Michael Bay compromise on anything, but with even The Last Airbender making some tidy profits by virtue of being in 3D, the glasses-wearing craze shows no sign of waning even for Grand Master Bay.
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