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It’s been two years since Transformers: Age of Extinction was released, and now the movie series starring the robots in disguise are gearing up for another round. Last week, it was announced that Transformers 5 would be called Transformers: The Last Knight, and along with title came some casting information, like Josh Duhamel returning to play Lt. Colonel William Lennox. Now the movie is preparing to shoot in Cuba, and director Michael Bay just shared the first on-location photo for the blockbuster. 

CUBA! Second American Movie shot in Cuba. Transformers. Amazing place!#transformers

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To commemorate Transformers: The Last Knight prepping production in Cuba, Michael Bay posted this photo to Instagram of a bright green, old-school Chevy convertible on or near the movie set. We already know a TON about Transformers 5, so be sure to check out our full guide to the upcoming blockbuster. No doubt this sleek car caught the director’s eye and he wanted to capture it with just the right angle and lighting. Still, we don’t expect that it will end up being an Autobot, though maybe one of the human protagonists will take it or a similar one as a getaway car during the fifth movie’s explosive events, and we do mean that literally. If they don’t have a Autobot ally near by, they’ll still need some wheels to flee the scene. Transformers: The Last Knight is the second American blockbuster to shoot in Cuba, following behind Universal’s Fast 8, and surely other big productions will follow behind them in the near future.

With more than a year to go until Transformers: The Last Knight’s release, Paramount hasn’t released an official synopsis for the movie yet. However, it’s suspected that it will draw on the Knights of Cybertron, who were alluded to in Transformers: Age of Extinction when Optimus Prime was revealed to be one of these legendary swordsmen. So we could assume that he’s the "last knight" in question, though it’s better to wait until other details come out. Regardless, with production happening in Cuba, there will be at least one way that the latest entry feels fresh from its predecessors.

In addition to Josh Duhamel, Transformers: The Last Knight will see Mark Wahlberg reprising hotshot inventor Cade Yeager and new cast member Isabela Moner as Izabella, who will reportedly be a a "street-smart" tomboy. Jean Dujardin, Stephen Merchant and Jerrod Carmichael have also been rumored to appear in the movie, while Tyrese Gibson has been campaigning for his character, Lennox’s fellow soldier Robert Epps, to return. Following this, a Bumblebee spinoff will be released in 2018, and Transformers 6 will follow in 2019.

Transformers: The Last Knight will hit in theaters on June 23, 2017.
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