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We've been complaining for a while about Michael Bay's plan to produce a remake of The Birds, even if it's starring the generally likable George Clooney and Naomi Watts. But now there's an added element that might make the whole thing even more tasteless-- the movie might be made in 3D.

Brenna Lee Roth, a minor actress who's in talks for a role in the film, let the news slip to MarketSaw, a blog specifically dedicated to 3D movies. Roth told them, "I am in talks with the producer of THE BIRDS (remake) and he said he wanted to do it 3D, but I don't really know any more about it."

To be fair, Hitchcock himself was more than willing to experiment with new movie technologies and/or gimmicks-- Dial M for Murder was originally filmed in 3D. But it's hard to separate the 3D concept from films that really make the film for the gimmick, like Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D or My Bloody Valentine 3D. Sure, Coraline did it well, but should we really expect more from the Birds remake than birds just flying at our heads the whole time?