Michael Cera is currently experiencing a problem that has befallen hundreds of actors before him: typecasting. Though he was once beloved for his shy, nervous schtick - seen in movies like Superbad and Juno and on television in Arrested Development - Cera's popularity has waned recently despite working on quality projects (*cough*Scott Pilgrim vs. The World *cough*). At this point he's left with one option: dynamic shift.

Confirming reports from back in February that Cera will be working on a Chile-set film with writer/director Sebastian Silva, Variety has learned a few details about the project, which is titled Magic Magic. An independent thriller, the film centers on a group of friends vacationing in Chile when one of the girls "slowly starts losing her mental faculties" and is unable to get her friends' to help her in time. Specific details about Cera's character are unknown.

While there's still plenty of room for Cera to act nervous and shy in a thriller (it's a staple role in any vacation abroad thriller), but it's nice to see that he's leaving his comfort zone to try something new genre-wise. There's no way to evolve unless you try something new.

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