It was weird enough when it was announced that Will Ferrell would by making a comedy entirely in Spanish, but this story seems to take that same idea to a whole new level. Miguel Arteta, who directed Michael Cera in his indie film Youth In Revolt, has told The Playlist that Cera is taking aim at a project called with The Maid director Sebastian Silva. The actor plans on going down to Chile to make the film and, according to Arteta, is "spending five hours a day learning Spanish." Whether he will be playing a nervous character who is unsure of himself is up in the air.

Unlike some, I have no problem admitting that I am a Michael Cera fan. Some might say that his performances are repetitive, but I see it as him knowing what he does best. It's a classic "don't fix it if it ain't broken" approach. He obviously feels confident enough in his career to try something different like this project, so more power to him. I look forward to hearing him stammer his way through asking where the town's local library is in his non-native tongue.

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