Michael Chabon isn't just the author of my favorite book of all time-- that'd be The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay-- but also responsible for at least two great films of the early 00s. His novel Wonder Boys served as the basis for the Michael Douglas film that totally still holds up, and he contributed to the story of Spider-Man 2, which may be the ultimate example of the superhero genre done right. Next year he'll be back in with blockbusters for the Disney project John Carter of Mars, directed by Pixar's Andrew Stanton, and now THR reports Disney is finding another way to keep him in the fold.

When Jon Favreau signed on to direct their forthcoming family adventure film The Magic Kingdom he apparently requested rewrites on the script from Battlestar Galactica creator Ron Moore; now the studio is likely to bring in Chabon to do them, after he and Favreau met and talk about the direction they want to take the story. There are no official deals yet signed, but it's hard to imagine Disney doing much better for a script doctor than a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, so they'll be smart to keep him on the studio payroll.

The Magic Kingdom is kind of a hard project to quantify. On one hand, it's yet another attempt from Disney to cash in on their theme parks and mint a boatload of money, something that has worked exactly once, on the PIrates of the Caribbean ride. On the other hand, it's coming from Jon Favreau, who proved with the first Iron Man that he's a skilled director of blockbuster entertainment, and hopefully will prove it again this summer on Cowboys & Aliens. If anyone's got the ability to make a Magic Kingdom movie worth seeing it's probably him, and having Chabon on board is just an added bonus. The pair can't necessarily make Magic Kingdom a slam dunk, but consider me that much more intrigued than I was before.

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