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Fresh off his ass kicking of cancer, Michael Douglas is already back at work, this time doing some prep for his upcoming role as Liberace. The flamboyant musician delighted crowds for decades with his over the top theatrics, even if they caused him to be ridiculed by more conservative critics. Looking back, he’s really more famous for being a running joke, but for almost twenty years, he was one of, if not the, highest paid performers in the world. Audiences loved him, and that along, is enough to warrant a nuanced and sophisticated portrayal.

One ingredient of that nuanced and sophisticated portrayal is learning the piano, and while Douglas may not be healthy enough to train for some of his more creative showmanship maneuvers, his fingers are nimble enough to fiddle with the ivories. That’s a lot more important than it might seem. No one expects an actor to be as good as the entertainer they’re portraying, but the more basics you have down, the more the director can play with the camera and shoot from different angles.

On a more sympathetic note: the writers and editors here at Cinema Blend would like to send out rousing approval for Michael Douglas’ efforts in fending off cancer. The sixty-six year old actor is a brilliant artist, a good human being and a treasure for anyone that cares about film. We wish him the best in his continuing recovery, as well as in all his future creative pursuits.

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