What is there to be excited about in Oliver Stone's Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps? Well, it might be interesting to see Shia LaBeouf put on a suit for once, and rising star Carey Mulligan is part of the ensemble somewhere, putting on an American accent. But probably what everyone will bother with this movie for is the return of Gordon Gekko, the role that earned Michael Douglas an Oscar and defined an entire generation of corporate greed.

Talking to Empire Online, Douglas admitted that we probably won't see a softer side of Gekko this time, but that it's an interesting time to revisit Wall Street in general. "The picture predominantly focuses on these last couple of years on Wall Street, which nobody anticipated. We shot the first one in 1986 and it was a wild, wild colourful time. And here we have both a train crash and a larger-than-life period leading up to that train crash. It’s an exciting time to make a picture about Wall Street."

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