Steven Soderbergh is making a biopic of a famous historical of the 20th century, starring one of the stars of his 2000 movie Traffic. No, not Che with Benicio del Toro-- in fact, about as different from Che as you can get. Brace yourselves: Michael Douglas is going to star in Steven Soderbergh's biopic about Liberace.

Liberace! The man known as much for his flamboyant style as his piano playing, and who died of AIDS in 1987 after decades of denying he was gay. And it gets even better: Variety says that Matt Damon is in talks to play Scott Thorson, the man who sued Liberace in the 80s while claiming to have been the musician's partner for five years.

I love the idea of a Liberace biopic, given what a fascinating figure he was, and even think Douglas could be the man to pull it off. But it's kind of hysterical that Soderbergh just finished one biopic about a political revolutionary, and now is doing a complete 180 to the most sequined entertainer in history (well, maybe until Elton John came along).

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