Michael Fassbender is having one hell of a 2011. In addition to being largely considered the best part of X-Men: First Class, one of the best summer blockbusters this year, he is also gaining tons of Oscar buzz for his performance in Steve McQueen's Shame and has David Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method coming out in November. As though he wasn't popular enough, Fassbender is going to start having every role in the known universe thrown at him and apparently it begins with Robocop.

Director Jose Padilha was recently interviewed on the Brazilian television show GloboNews (via Omelete) where he revealed that Fassbender is his top choice to play the android formally known as Officer Alex J. Murphy. When asked who he is looking at for the part, Padilha said in Portuguese (roughly translated), "I can not speak yet, it is too early to talk about, but it has some actors I like. I like much of Fassbender. I'll talk to him now, is a possibility. There are great actors who could do the RoboCop."

Padilha has been talking about the project quite a bit recently, having earlier this week revealed his plans for the movie. According to Padilha, the remake will not just be a carbon copy of Paul Verhoven's movie and, instead, will explore questions that weren't asked before. In the new story, the filmmaker says that he's been working on the script for the last two weeks with Josh Zetumer and hopes to start filming early next year.

Fassbender would be a perfect Robocop, but the question is whether or not he would be interested in tackling multiple franchises. While X-Men: First Class didn't kill at the box office, it made enough money to make a sequel possible and producer Lauren Schuler Donner recently told me that all of the actors are locked in for multiple films. Do you like the idea of Michael Fassbender as Robocop? If not, who would you rather see? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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