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Michael Jackson has risen and he’s coming to theaters a couple of days early. Sony announced today that they’re releasing MJ’s concert movie This Is It in theaters on Wednesday October 28th. But it won’t be available for long. It’s appearing only for a two-week limited engagement, forcing Jackson fans to get off their ass and buy tickets quickly. The film had been slated for release on October 30th, but no one noticed, so they thought of this. Well done.

Meanwhile Kenny Ortega, the man behind the concert film, has been hired to direct the documentary motion picture about Michael’s life as well. It’s being produced with the full support of the Michael Jackson Estate, so you know it’ll be anything but fair and balanced. Come on, I just want to see him sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber or playing footsie with Macaulay Culkin. Is that too much to ask?

Jackson fans: Before you head out to protest another town hall meeting, wish for my death in the comments section below.

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