Michael Pena made a go at comedy after a decent dramatic career with last spring's Observe & Report, but given that pretty much no one saw it, it may as well have not happened. And Nick Swardson has been a pal of Adam Sandler's for a while, but hasn't been a breakout yet. The two aren't giving up, though, and have boarded one of the most promising comedies of the upcoming year, 30 Minutes or Less.

The caper comedy, directed by Zombieland's Ruben Fleischer, will star Danny McBride as a pizza-delivery guy caught up in a bank robbery, and Aziz Ansari as the junior high history joining him. According to THR Pena will play a "tattooed assassin," probably making him one of the heist orchestrators, while Swardson is McBride's best friend. Swardson will be the odd man out in this foursome, since Ansari and McBride also had tiny roles alongside Pena in Observe & Report-- but really, he should hopefully consider himself lucky just to be part of this comedy that looks hilarious from the plot description alone.

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