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There's already a Lifetime Original Movie in the works documenting the plight of Amanda Knox, the American college student accused of murdering her roommate while studying abroad in Italy. Hayden Panettiere is set to star as Knox, even though the lawyers for the other man charged with the murder, Raffaele Sollecito, are threatening to stop the film. In the meantime, though, director Michael Winterbottom is moving ahead with his own version of the story, and he's got significantly greater starpower behind him; according to The Guardian, Colin Firth is interested in starring in the film.

No, he won't be playing anyone involved with the murder, but a journalist covering the case, which was the subject of extraordinary media focus in Italy (Wikipedia has a good rundown of the case if you're not familiar). Winterbottom doesn't seem all that interested in the specifics of the trial itself-- "I have no view on whether they did it, the film will not be about that. There is unlikely to be a character playing Knox,"-- but rather the journalists who may or may not have influenced the trial's outcome with their constant speculation about the facts. "The taking sides over the case was extreme here," he said. "There was no explanation that covered everything and the journalists were drawn in in a way you would not expect."

It's unclear if Firth's journalist character would be Italian or English, and given his promotional duties for The King's Speech-- which many think will be earning him an Oscar come February-- he definitely wouldn't be able to start filming until sometime next year. Winterbottom has done some location scouting in the area, even as Knox and Sollecito prepare to appeal their cases starting in November. It's tricky to make a movie about an ongoing legal case, but it sounds like Winterbottom's story will be different enough anyway-- and with Firth on board, do you really need much more convincing before you're interested?

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