Tim Burton already has one of his veteran actors on board for his adaptation of the 60s TV show Dark Shadows, but predictably it's Johnny Depp, who's so often making movies with Burton it's like they're conjoined twins. The real surprise, though, is that another actor is considering reteaming with Burton in the film, and for the first time since 1992. According to THR, Michelle Pfeiffer is in negotiations to play Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, the matriarch of the vampiric Collins family.

Depp would be playing Barnabas Collins, the main character vampire who's on a constant search for his long-lost love. Eva Green, Jackie Earle Haley and Bella Heatcote are also on board for roles, and in far less surprising casting news, Deadline reports that Helena Bonham Carter is expected to take the part of Hoffman, a psychologist who moves into the Collins estate and tries to help cure Barnabas of his vampire tendencies. It wouldn't really be a Burton movie without both Bonham Carter and Depp, would it.

Dark Shadows, which Burton has been developing for years now, is set to start shooting in April. Pfeiffer's participation actually makes me more interested in the project than ever before, not necessarily because it indicates anything about the movie's quality, but because Pfeiffer is a fascinating actress who doesn't work nearly enough. It's great to see Burton bringing back his Catwoman.

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