The horror game is typically fodder for the younger generations and as such, usually stars teenagers or twenty-somethings. Not The Home. The Robert Rodriguez produced thriller is set in a rehab community troubled by numerous reports from elderly patients of things going bump in the night. At first the happenings are pawned off as dementia side effects, but after an injured firefighter moves in, the claims are taken a lot more seriously. Rumors have everyone from Brian Cox to Cloris Leachman to Ed Asner on board, but we finally have some sort of confirmation from Michelle Rodriguez of all people. She'll probably be in it.

According to Indie Wire, the Avatar actress revealed it's “more likely than not”. Take that wishy-washy commitment for what you will as she didn't even reveal what character she may play. With or without her, The Home plans to head into production this summer from a script penned by movie blogger Eric Vespe.

I will definitely see this film, but I'm still skeptical. The old people run amuck genre has produced a lot of great films, but it's also unleashed many more ultimately unsatisfying and borderline exploitative failures. For a movie with old people to work, they need to be treated like human beings. Being asked to laugh at them is annoying and cringe worthy, but laughing with them about their troubles is another matter entirely. I'm on board to see them battle the undead, not to giggle just because one of them said something overtly sexual or obscene.

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