Despite what Frank Miller told IGN the other day about Sin City 2 being ready for an April 2009 start date, things may not be going so smoothly. Mickey Rourke, who starred in the first film and is now all over the place promoting The Wrestler, has said previously that he’d be interested in returning, but at an interview today seemed to have changed his tune.

"I’m not interested in that right now. It’s not a reality right now," he said when a reporter asked about the movie. He added, "It’s pissing in the wind." He didn’t give us much by way of explanation, either: "[It’s] different factions going in different directions."

I’m not surprised to hear things aren’t as rosy behind the scenes as they seem—a movie that’s had this much trouble getting made doesn’t see likely to magically leap into production mode so quickly. So if Rourke isn’t interested, is a Sin City 2 possible? Or is Frank Miller just talking things up to get his main star back on board? Somebody step up and help us figure out what’s really going on here!

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