What do you do when you've got an animated character nobody really remembers and an actor famous for voicing another animated character everyone is sick of? Put them together and hope for the big bucks, obviously. That's the twisted logic happening at Warner Bros., where Vulture reports they're planning a comeback for the famously amorous skunk Pepe Le Pew, with Myers on board to voice the character.

The article comes with all kind of depressing facts about the durability of the Warner Bros. animation characters, including that more Americans recognize Myers (68%) than either Bugs Bunny (66%) or Daffy Duck (56%). They don't cite any stats for Pepe Le Pew, but think about the last time you saw the character on a T-shirt and draw your own conclusions. The movie will be a hybrid of live action and CGI, a genre that seems to be making a comeback thanks to Marmaduke and the forthcoming Yogi Bear and Smurfs movies. Only Pepe and his beloved Penelope Pussycat will be CGI, with real human presumably populating the rest of the movie's version of Paris.

If you need a reminder of Messr. Le Pew and his ridiculous French accent, the clip below should suffice. There's obviously no doubt that Myers can handle the job-- he's a master of accents and silly voices-- but whether or not anyone actually wants to see it is another question entirely. While we've still got all those old Looney Tunes shorts available, isn't this just going to feel like callous overkill?

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