Just because I’ve never heard of the medical term “prosopagnosia,” or “face blindness,” doesn’t mean I can’t dig on the unnerving new international trailer for Julien Magnat’s thriller Faces in the Crowd.

The film stars Milla Jovovich as an elementary school teacher who’s suffering a rare case of facial amnesia following a brutal encounter with a serial killer. “She’s the only one who’s seen him, yet she can’t recognize anybody?” an exasperated police officer asks. Now that’s delicious irony. First Look Studios dropped the film’s full trailer, which we’ve posted below (via ShockTilYouDrop):

The film seems to have as many cheap horror thrills as it does suspenseful, police-procedural elements (stick around until the very end of the clip to see what I mean). Yet Jovovich has shown over the years that she’s perfectly comfortable in either genre, and tends to lean more toward sci-fi and horror when given the option. Magnat, directing from his own screenplay, has mostly television shows on his resume. He has lured Michael Shanks and Julian McMahon of the face-salshing, serial-killing Nip/Tuck to this production. Let’s hear it for typecasting!

Faces in the Crowd is expected to hit theaters later this year.

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