In addition to being the star of the franchise, Milla Jovovich is also married to the director of the Resident Evil series, Paul W.S. Anderson. That means she has a direct line to everything that’s going on with the upcoming fifth installment, and because she’s kind of cool, she’s been more than willing to share what she knows with her fans through twitter.

The latest from the iconic Alice is that they’re likely calling the film Resident Evil: Retribution though Milla tweets that, “I have to ask Paul 2 b sure.”

As he was with the last film, it sounds like Anderson is incredibly focused on making his new movie look a lot like the video games on which this franchise is based. He’s literally sitting around and watching game footage for inspiration. Jovovich explains, Paul has kids that are professional players. All they do is play the games until they master every level and unlock every code. They play the games for weeks and give Paul the footage. So, he's literally watching days of the most awesome RE players out there to get inspiration for the next installment of the franchise.”

Normally I’d be reticent to embrace the notion of using a video game as such a direct template for the film, but the truth is it kind of worked for the last one. The Resident Evil movies are big, loud, and fun but somewhere in amongst all that they’re also a lot of fun. Anderson’s technical proficiency served him well on the last film and resulted in some of the best 3D seen on screen since Avatar. If copy/pasting video game footage into his movies is what it takes to pull that kind of fun off, well alright Paul W.S., I’m in.

The fifth Resident Evil is currently slated for a September 14, 2012 release date with Milla Jovovich, as always, returning to kick ass as Alice.

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