With Happy Feet conquering both critics at the box office, director George Miller is everywhere talking about the film’s success, and teasing upcoming projects. He most recently talked with Moviehole, where Clint got him to talk about his plans for the future of his Mad Max and Babe franchises.

If Mad Max IV ever happens, Miller hasn’t decided who he’d cast in it. It won’t be Mel Gibson of course, since Mel’s so busy hating Jews and justifying the cultural genocide brought down on Native American culture by the Catholic Church that he’s taken himself out of the picture. Miller says of Mel, “He was just on the cusp of being too old five years ago. I mean, he was 21 when he first played Mad Max, and now he’s in his fifties - and it’s not about an old fading warrior.”

We know who it won’t be, but George says he has no idea who it will be. “I’ve had a number of young well-known actors express a lot of interest,” is all he can tell us. “They have to be lean and hungry,” seems to be his only criteria. That description sounds a lot like Nicole Richie to me. She’s even into stunt driving!

Sadly, Mad Max IV: Fury Road won’t be George Miller’s next movie. Before then he says, “I have a smaller film I’d like to do.” We’ve heard that before though, haven’t we? Peter Jackson was supposed to do Lovely Bones after Lord of the Rings for instance. But even if he does do another big movie, Miller says his next big budget flick might be another Babe sequel instead.

There’s just no good news here for Mad Max fans. No Mel Gibson, no idea who will be in it, and frankly it may never happen at all as busy as Miller’s keeping himself. For a look at everything George Miller had to say, click over to Moviehole here.

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