Cliff Barton/Hawkeye
Moral Compass: Cliff Barton, aka Hawkeye, is a pretty straight arrow. In fact, the only time we've ever really seen him lose his heroism is when he was hijacked by Loki and his scepter in The Avengers. Other than that, he's pretty close to Captain America in his moral fiber, as well as goal focus. He sees the mission for what it is, and he proceeds to execute it with precision and minimal engagement. We really haven't seen his weaknesses, outside of being controlled by an angry adopted god, but the man is a soldier's soldier. Without Natasha, he probably wouldn't even have a personal life. Rating: 5/5

Selflessness: When we first see Hawkeye, we see him holed up in a "nest," which is where he prefers to be. While Hawkeye is a perfect lone wolf type to keep a look out for impending danger, he's not particularly a team player by nature. Sure, he gets along with the team and works effectively with them, but if you gave him the choice, he'd probably go it alone. It's hard to break someone out of the lone wolf mentality, and Mjolnir's power will only make Barton work in harder, more isolated conditions. Rating: 3/5

Strength: Cliff Barton is another case like Tony Stark: a non-super powered hero in a super powered team. However, Hawkeye is even worse off than Stark is, simply because he only has a special bow and arrows arsenal to defend himself. Yes, he's a terrific shot, and the arrows he does keep around are indeed handy. But SNL got it right when they pointed out that a Hawk without arrows just doesn't hunt. Rating: 1/5

Final Assessment: While Barton is no slouch at all on the Avengers' team, he's still a bit behind when it comes to his defensive abilities. Final Rating: 9/15

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