The long, strange saga of the Moneyball movie has been dragging on seemingly forever, from Brad Pitt's initial interest back in October 2008 to Steven Soderbergh getting thrown off the project just days before production was to start last June to, finally, Jonah Hill signing on to star opposite Pitt last month.

And now, at very long last, the movie is actually going to get shot. Deadline Hollywood reports that Sony Pictures have set a July start date, with Capote's Bennett Miller behind the camera working with a $47 million budget, a significant $13 million less than what Soderbergh was working with. Brad Pitt initially signed on to play Oakland A's manager Billy Beane to the tune of $15 million, a number he is almost certainly not seeing this time around.

Deadline makes the comparison to another movie based on a nonfiction sports book by Michael Lewis, The Blind Side, for which Sandra Bullock starred for a paltry $2.5 million but is getting very, very rich thanks to backend deals. The odds of Moneyball being such a similar hit seem slim-- it's about statistics and baseball payrolls, not troubled kids raised by adorable families--but if it's good, sports nerds could likely help it turn a profit.

Lastly, Deadline both raises and shoots down a rumor that Pitt agreed to stick with Moneyball only if he could star in Sony's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, which his Benjamin Button director David Fincher is handling. Apparently that rumor was nonsense, although it's so conceivable for Pitt to take the role that we may be hearing this rumor yet again in a few months.

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