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The Music
Having developed both Spamalot and Not the Messiah, Eric Idle has proven his excellence in yet another area of music, and it was a lewd and laudable treat to see just how many of Monty Python’s greatest songs got full-blown musical numbers, while many more were present in instrumentals and as segues between set pieces. The orchestra used was more spot on than the actors were, all things considered, and it was wonderful to hear songs like "Eric the Half-a-Bee" and "Never be Rude to an Arab" make their appearances in lyric-free form.

The "Penis Song" pops up almost immediately – nudge nudge – and it’s the first appearance of a 20-ish-person song-and-dance team that were ever-dynamic and eye-catching, often more so than the central fivesome. The music was also where 1983’s The Meaning of Life made its presence known, with blatant buffoonery and colorful explosions taking part in performances of "Every Sperm is Sacred," along with a few other perfectly placed numbers. "Sit on My Face" gets a particularly crotch-ity rendition, silly walks are meshed with "The Money Song," and Idle’s "Wink Wink" series of double entendres are given a dance remix. The entire ordeal, which included a 30-minute intermission, retained its high-energy pacing from start to finish, and it had a lot to do with the music. (And keep an eye out for the costumed reference to Flying Circus’s Flasher segment.)

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