If you haven't been hearing the buzz about Duncan Jones' Moon, and somehow missed both my and Josh's reviews, brace yourselves. The low-budget movie comes out next weekend, and despite its flaws, it's a fascinating and terrifying exercise in sci-fi, featuring a stellar performance from Sam Rockwell.

That it's the debut feature from Duncan Jones only makes it more impressive. And Jones isn't wasting any time before he tries to dazzle us all again; the British director has signed on to helm Escape From The Deep, a story that seems to resonate quite nicely with Moon's claustrophobic and paranoid vibe. Alex Kershaw's script, based on a non-fiction account of the events, follows nine Navy officers who escaped from a sunken submarine during World War II. Talking to THR, Jones described the Kershaw's original book as a "powerful story that will come alive on the big screen."

In addition to having made a pretty stellar film, Duncan Jones is also one of those generous directors who uses his Twitter feed to communicate with the fans and bloggers who love him. Maybe this was his ploy all along, but after following him on Twitter, I feel even more excited that he's taking on a new project worthy of his talents. But seriously, go see Moon next weekend and understand why this guy is perfectly suited to make a submarine movie. Then check out his Twitter feed to see the crazy pizza he had in Chicago last night.

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