Vin Diesel has always talked about his desire to make another entry in the Chronicles of Riddick franchise, but it’s always seemed like neither the money nor the interest was great enough. Or is it?

Over at, they’ve been talking to Ian Stevens, one of the developers of the Chronicles of Riddick videogames. During their conversation he dropped this brief, offhand comment: “new Riddick films are in the works”. Wait… what?

Now keep in mind here that they’ve released a couple of direct-to-dvd animated movies in this series, and there’s always the chance that this may be what he’s talking about. He doesn’t specificy. But to me films means live action movies, especially if it’s said in such an offhand, probably not pre-planned manner. According to Stevens there’s a lot of momentum with this franchise right now, despite the last film’s extremely poor box office performance. He says, “Chronicles has done extremely well in home video, and Escape from Butcher Bay continues to be remembered as an Xbox classic.” Are DVD sales and a popular video game entry enough to justify the resurrection of Riddick. If it happens, you can bet Vin Diesel’s on board.

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