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I think we all know what we're expecting from Little Fockers, the third in the Meet the Parents franchise that kicked off when Robert DeNiro first gave Ben Stiller the death glare, way back in 2000. I mean, what is there to do but give us more pratfalls, more jokes about cats peeing in toilets, and preferably as many jokes about poop as possible?

Well.... how about death and divorce? IGN caught up with I Love You Man and Little Fockers writer John Hamburg, and he gave a few tidbits about what to expect in the sequel. "We're catching up with these characters five years later and Pam and Greg have twins so they are dealing with that. And people are dealing with where there at in their lives, and themes of death and divorce and all these real things that as we get older, we start to think about, but in a really comic way."

Definitely sounds like it's treading on heavy drama territory, but I don't doubt this franchise in its ability to make anything silly. Hamburg also promised we'll be seeing a lot more of Owen Wilson's holier-than-thou character, who was a definite highlight of the first film but who, I'll be honest, I don't even remember being in the second one.

Oh, and as for I Love You Man, the inevitable sequel conversations are happening about that one. "I do love these characters, so somewhere down the line perhaps. We've batted around a few ideas, but it's way too early." Yup, you knew that was coming.

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