Call me strange, but I really like to be surprised when I go see a movie. You might say that I'm in the wrong industry for that - as just about every little detail about every film passes across my monitor at some point or another - but I prefer to read a plot description, watch a trailer and then go see the movie. This goes triple for movies that I am truly excited about, a perfect example being The Dark Knight Rises. I even wrote an editorial about it a few weeks back. Last Friday, however, an image of a chroma key pit from the set of the new Christopher Nolan Batman movie spread like wildfire as many deduced that it was the appearance of the fabled Lazarus Pit where supervillain Ra's al Ghul restores his powers. Now the Facebook group "Official 'The Dark Knight Rises' community" (via SHH) has posted a few new shots from the set.

Currently filming in India, a photographer named Mehul Gohil has snapped a couple photos that provide not only a closer look at the "Lazarus Pit" but also show Josh Pence, who is playing a young Ra's al Ghul in the film. While nothing has been confirmed, it's probably not too much of a stretch to say that they are currently filming the flashback sequence that was reported when Pence first joined the cast.

Check out a couple of the shots below and head over to the "Official 'The Dark Knight Rises' community" for more.

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