The mystery of who Clary is unfolds much faster in the film. Instead of the story of Clary’s mother’s shadowhunter past unfolding over time, we get scenes with Jocelyn where she says things like “Tell Luke that Valentine is alive.” This speeds up the plot, but it doesn’t let audiences savor watching Clary as the puzzle pieces fall into place. She finds out exactly how she fits into the shadowhunter world pretty early on.


Speaking of Jocelyn, we actually get to see Clary’s mother take on a few demons at the beginning of the film. City of Bones never does a huge justice to the character who is asleep for a good chunk of the series, but giving Lena Headey her own fight scene and showing how she is capable of taking on demon gives us an idea of how Clary is able to keep her wits under duress.

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