Like just about everyone, when I heard that Universal was considering a movie based on the not-all-that-popular underwater comicbook character Sub-Mariner I laughed. Come on, Hollywood makes a lot of superhero crap but they can't possibly considering a movie about Namor. I mean, at least Aquaman is known. Sub-Mariner is like Aquaman without any of the name recognition.

Never underestimate the stupidity of a Hollywood executive. Sub-Mariner is actually happening and Variety says Terminator 3 director Jonathan Mostow has been hired to direct it. Ironic when you consider that Mostow took over the Terminator franchise from James Cameron and in the fictional storyline of TV's "Entourage" Cameron was the director of their fake Aquaman movie. Now Mostow is helming a low-rent version of Aquaman. There's some sort of bizarre connection in there somewhere.

It seems Mostow has given up on ever making Terminator 4 and has completely cleared out his schedule to focus on making his Sub-Mariner movie. The original comic character on which the movie will be based was created in 1939 by cartoonist Bill Everett. His real name was Namor, an undersea hero from the mythical realm of Atlantis. As super powers he has super-strength and miscellaneous aquatic abilities. Namor knows sharks.

The only interesting thing about the Sub-Mariner character to me is that he's sometimes a good guy, and sometimes a hostile invader. If Mostow explores him as a misguided bad guy attacking Earth's countries from his undersea base in Atlantis to get revenge on surface dwellers for perceived wrongs, then this could be a different take on the whole superhero genre. If not, it's trailer park Aquaman.

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