Former porn director Gregory Dark has finished making a movie very few people will see. The dark comedy, Little Fish, Strange Pond, was written by Robert Dean Klein, who you might remember from such films as A Good Night to Die and Dark Ride. Then again, you might not remember them so much.

Little Fish, Strange Pond is about a man who wanders the streets of Los Angeles disussing life, death, and free will. Because that would be seriously boring for a movie, there are also murdered and dismembered woman involved. Dang, that still sounds kind of boring. The cast includes Matthew Modine, Adam Baldwin and five or six other people you’ve never heard of.

Besides his porn past, Dark is a music director and also helmed the wrestling financed movie, See No Evil. As you can see from Scott’s review, the world was not set on fire by serial killers played by wrestlers. Just because the writer and director have less than sterling track records and the cast is mostly unknowns doesn’t necessarily mean a movie will stink, but it sure doesn’t help.

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