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Sure, we may have been joking lately about how we need to find a new Brangelina power couple to idolize, since the actual Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are rumored to be on the rocks. But do we really need a new movie to replace them too? According to Vulture, Mr. and Mrs. Smith rights owner Regency Enterprises-- part of Fox-- is developing a prequel of the 2005 spy movie, without plans to include Pitt or Jolie.

It's become a familiar pattern in the month or so since Spider-Man 4 imploded and birthed a reboot instead-- take a property people know and like, and start it over again with cheap talent instead of building a sequel. It's crass and it's a transparent money grab, but it keeps working. And with Mr. and Mrs. Smith, it's not like there are such legions of devoted followers that there will be a fan backlash. By the time Mr. and Mrs. Smith: The Early Years, starring Logan Lerman and Taylor Swift, hits theaters, we'll be so worn down by the reboot mania that we may not even notice.

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