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No surprise here. Variety reports that Chris Noth, better known as Mr. Big, has officially signed on to reprise his role in Sex and the City 2. What, you thought he had something else to do?

He’s getting seven figures to play Carrie Bradshaw’s husband (remember when last we left them they’d gotten hitched), which probably means Sarah Jessica Parker is getting eight figures, doesn’t it? On the sliding scale of Sex and the City cast importance, Noth definitely ranks a distant fifth.

The sequel starts shooting in September and should release May 28, 2010. Expect Mr. Big to play a fairly significant role in the follow-up, rumor is it’ll involve pregnancy and if I were a betting man, I’d put my money on him doing the impregnating. I mean what else is left for them? They’ve already done the marriage bit. It’s either that or menopause, and babies are more theatrical.

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