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If you’re not familiar with Red Letter Media, then know that they’re the borderline personality types who hired an obsessive serial killer to review the Star Wars films. This resulted in what is not only the most in-depth and entertaining look at the Star Wars prequels ever created, but also the definitive last word on just what those movies are all about. The mysterious video reviewer’s name is Plinkett his reviews are in small parts utter madness, but in larger part incredible insight. If you haven’t seen his previous reviews check out his take on The Phantom Menace and of all things, Baby’s Day Out as a primer.

Now Plinket is back with a new, in-depth video review. This time he’s taking on the JJ Abrams reboot of Star Trek in two incredibly in-depth thirty-minute videos. That might sound like a lot to watch, but click play and I guarantee you’ll be hooked.

What makes these reviews so special is that at some point in them Plinkett goes well beyond simply analyzing Star Trek and uses the film as a means to examine the entire Hollywood remake phenomenon. What results is the most brilliant and clearheaded explanation I’ve ever heard for why remakes happen, why they’ll continue to happen, and maybe why it’s ok too. And don’t worry, amidst all that serious stuff there’s still a lot of funny. This is a must watch:

How Star Trek 4 Went From Hyped To Not Happening

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