Normally Hollywood’s attempts to merge footage of their movies with footage from their brand partners is a disaster. You know what I’m talking about. If you watch the NBA at all, for instance, you’ve probably seen those really lame and awkward NBA commercials which attempt to somehow merge footage of on court action with scenes of cars racing around in Cars 2. At best it doesn’t work at all, at worst it’s often kind of embarrassing. But they’ve been doing this for years and this strange marketing tactic shows no sign of ending any time soon. But at least someone has figured out how to do something kind of fun with it.

That someone is Farmer’s Insurance who has, apparently, teamed up with X-Men: First Class. In their new commercial they present a world in which they’re participating in a student exchange program with the students of Xavier’s school for the gifted. This results not only in Beast sitting around in an insurance seminar, but in one of their agents getting shot in the chest by Havok. Ouch. Take a look:

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