As if Michelle Williams done up in full Marilyn Monroe regalia wasn't attention-grabbing enough, the actress and her co-star Eddie Redmayne are splashes of color in a black and white world in the first poster for their new movie My Week With Marilyn. The movie premieres at the New York Film festival next month, and the poster premiered today at Moviefone; you can take a look at it below.

The image is pretty similar to the one that surfaced last week of the same scene, Redmayne's character-- a young man assigned to assistant Monroe during the 1956 shoot of The Prince and the Showgirl-- ushering Williams-as-Monroe through a crowd of onlookers. I wouldn't be surprised if that other image, which goes heavier on the contest between Marilyn in full color and the black and white observers, became another version of this poster, which is simply designed enough that you could really plug in any image from the movie. Given that the cast also includes Judi Dench, Emma Watson and Kenneth Branagh, it wouldn't surprise me to see other versions that emphasize the impressive cast.

For now, though, the movie's marketing is all about Williams's transformation into Monroe, and rightly so- the woman is still a screen legend for a reason, and it will hopefully be a treat to see Williams bring her enormous talent to playing this role. And if you're already wondering how this year's Oscar season will shake out, keeping an eye on this is pretty necessary in terms of the acting race. I'll be covering the film from the New York Film Festival, but it will also be in theaters November 4 via the Weinstein Company.

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