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Up to this point in the stoner comedy lexicon, women haven't exactly gotten their fair shake. Be it Mary Jane in Half Baked, Angie in Pineapple Express, or even Maria in Harold and Kumar, they never seem to play central characters, and when they do they are almost always playing it straight while the guys go off and get high. Anna Faris gave it a shot in Smiley Face, but that movie was so underseen it may as well have never existed. America is a country where women share equal rights and are about to pass men in the work force, so isn't it time that they lead their own weed flick? Natalie Portman thinks so.

The actress has signed on to star in Best Buds, where Portman and a friend travel to their friend's wedding "in order to save her by bringing her weed," according to Pajiba. The script was written by actress Jamie Denbo, her first feature film script, and the movie is currently looking for a director.

So yes, the idea does sound similar to the subplot of Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay, but I think we can let it slide this time. So many women-oriented comedies are so centered on the stereotypical workaholic/need a man characters that this will be a more than welcomed change. Provided they don't over do it by putting Portman's hair in Rasta dreads and keep it grounded in reality, this could actually work. Hooray for feminism!

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