What is being in this movie mean to all of you as far as your personal goals and your career and stuff like that?

Jerrod Carmichael: It's been written by Noam Chomsky [laughs]. Yeah. Yeah, it's like, "I didn't know that?" Let's start with my childhood.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse: This is your first movie.

Jerrod Carmichael: This is my first movie. So, it means it's really fun. I hope that everything else could try and at least match this. It really means the world that they allow me to be a part of the vision of it and it's been really fun.

Dave Franco: And for your character, it's one of these things where it is such a loose set and there is so much improv that on the page, you probably have--.

Jerrod Carmichael: I had, like, four lines.

Dave Franco: --Four--literally. Literally.

Jerrod Carmichael: Yeah, yeah, literally.

Dave Franco: But now, he's, like, a significant part of the story.

Jerrod Carmichael: Well, it hasn't been edited yet. What was the thing like? I'm all over this thing.

Dave Franco: Fair enough. But…

Jerrod Carmichael: But there's a chance.

Dave Franco: Yes.

Jerrod Carmichael: I'm all over this thing, you guys.

Dave Franco: Because, like, they recognize that he is a naturally funny person and they'll try to give you as many lines as possible.

Jerrod Carmichael: They really do. I think all of our lines, you know, throughout this whole thing… it's riffs and whoever says something funny, whoever has the best reaction....

Dave Franco: That being said, it doesn't feel like a competition, you know? We are genuinely supportive of each other. I've known Chris for a few years and we're pretty brutally honest with each other where I'll be, like, "Hey, is this funny?" and he'll be like, "No, that's awful." [laughs]

Jerrod Carmichael: --That's what friends are for.

Dave Franco: It's nice, though, because when you have the freedom to try literally anything, you want to feel like you can fall on your face and it's not going to be embarrassing. It's, like, "Alright, I tried it, that sucked. Let's try a new one." It's such a supportive environment.

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