Neil Marshall, who probably gets way too much credit for being a good director, will direct a movie called Underground. It’s more creative than his current movie, which is just sort of a generic, overly violent, sword and sandal movie called Centurion. Actually this Underground idea beyond creative, it’s what’s for dinner. Brace yourself, you’re going to love it.

Deadline says the movie’s a horror thriller set in the world of “gourmet underground supper clubs”. Does that mean cannibals? Not necessarily. The protagonist is an ambitious young chef who enters the world of extreme cuisine. Apparently things take a right turn, somewhere along the way.

I’m imagining something like an episode I once saw of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, in which he visited just such an underground supper club. Basically it’s a group of foodies who get together to eat outlandish dishes, often products available in other countries but made illegal by the FDA here, prepared by a gourmet chef. A quick google search will review dozens of guides on all sorts of similar “Underground Supper Club” gatherings around the country. Sherman’s Travel defines them this way: “a kind of professional dinner party masterminded by a talented (and often amateur) chef bringing together a group of strangers, usually in a private home.”

I’m hoping this somehow turns into a dinner party murder movie in the mold of Clue, but that’s just because I’m obsessed with Clue. Knowing the general unsubtle Marshall it probably will involve cannibalism and at some point during the dinner party someone is sure to shout, “hey that’s not hamburger!” But that’s alright. It could still be a lot of fun. As long as we’re having fun, hey Marshall, pick up the phone. Bourdain needs a cameo. Preferably one involving pork.

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