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Is there anyone as cool as Neil Patrick Harris right now? I’m trying to think of someone, and I guess there’s always George Clooney, but even he doesn’t have the all-encompassing talent of Harris. The dude can sing, dance, act like a douchey womanizer even though he’s not really into women. He’s even great at being self-deprecating. If he spoke Aramaic, I’d swear he was the second coming of Jesus (my friend, Jesus [pronounced HEH-SOOS], not that god guy you’re thinking of).

I guess he’s even good at being a voice actor because THR reports that he along with Anne Hathaway and Rodrigo Santoro have joined the cast of Rio, Carlos Saldanha’s latest animated movie about a nerdy parrot who travels to the exotic city of Rio de Janeiro. Both Harris and Hathaway have been successful in animation before, with the former having voiced a character in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and the latter voicing the lead in Hoodwinked!.

Carlos Saldanha can pretty much do whatever he wants at this point after his latest film, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, grossed damn near a billion dollars worldwide. And Saldanha is from Rio de Janeiro, so at least he knows his way around.

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