Before you get too excited, know that it's highly unlikely that the new Neill Blomkamp-directed short video is any kind of hint about his follow up to District 9. Still, the fact that this week's iPad-only version of Wired magazine features a short video clip directed by Blomkamp is pretty cool all its own. Slashfilm dug up the video, which you can watch below. Meet me after for some speculation about what it all might mean.

The most significant clue is that a company named Sable Productions has registered "AGM Heartland" as a trademark, for use as described below:

Entertainment services by way of an online website with video, audio and textual content and images featuring characters and storylines about a fictional genetic engineering company that produces genetically engineered and altered organisms

That all makes sense given the spooky creature we're seeing, but none of that particularly points to a movie project. Then again, it's possible the AGM Heartland logo would be used only for an online viral campaign-- kind of like Cloverfield's Slusho or something-- and it's all related to a movie somewhere down the line. Either way it's cool to think that Blomkamp is involved with something this big and well-planned, even if it's just an online campaign for something that doesn't wind up being a movie project.

If you get any more definitive answers about this, let us know in the comments.

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