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This fall Carey Mulligan may very well find herself in the Oscar race once again as she stars in Never Let Me Go, an adaptation of Kazuo Ishigoro's chilling, somewhat-sci-fi novel about three childhood friends coming to terms with the harsh facts of their lives. The novel plays coy with the details of these characters for a while, but the film's first trailer, available in HD at Apple.com, lays it all on the table. I won't spoil it for you if you want to read the book first (I recommend it), but suffice it to say this isn't your average story about English boarding school kids and their coming-of-age.

Aside from its spoilerific moments, the trailer is appropriately moody and lush, though Carey Mulligan's voiceover suggests they might not have found a good way to get around the book's strong reliance on narration. Mark Romanek, whose last feature was One Hour Photo, has done a nice job with the visuals and seems to have captured the book's melancholy, gray English tone. It's an incredibly hard book to adapt, though, and I still have to wonder if anyone can actually pull it off.

It doesn't hurt to have actors like Mulligan and Knightley on board, though, and all signs point to promising for now. Take a look at the trailer below and look for Never Let Me Go in theaters this fall.

Watch in HD at Apple.com