Disney has just released a new, even more exciting trailer for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland adaptation. There’s still plenty of Mad Hatter but, for a change, they’re cluing us in a little more on the plot. So if you’ve been wondering why the Hatter seems to be the star when he’s really just a minor character in the original Alice story, then here’s your answer: This isn’t that story. As rumored previously, the trailer confirms that his is more like a sequel then a new adaptation. In this Return to Wonderland, instead going home, Alice straps on a suit of armor and going to war.

Bunnies and dragons and super-vultures and piggystools await. Watch the new Alice in Wonderland trailer below or find links to high-def versions right here.

A trailer this good deserves closer examination, and we're happy to provide. Now that you've watched the new Alice in Wonderland trailer, browse our screencap gallery containing still shots of key moments from it below.

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