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Iron Man 2 is already poised to take over the summer, getting an earlier release than its action blockbuster competition like Inception or Predators. If you're following director Jon Favreau on Twitter, you'd be even more excited as last night he posted that the film was signed, printed and ready to go to the studios for distribution.

Today punctuates an exciting week of news from the Iron Man camp. The movie is finished, WonderCon exclusive posters were announced, the Stark Expos 2010 viral website went up alongside the officially re-launched Iron Man 2 site, and now Coming Soon has three new images from the film just to make this next month of waiting even harder.

There's nothing outright exciting about the images but they are crisp and shiny and that will have to be good enough for now. With all we've seen from the film already, you can only imagine what Favreau is hiding up his sleeve for the release. Check out the images below.