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As the Weinstein Company does battle with the MPAA over Blue Valentine’s NC-17 rating, it's nice to see the studio hasn’t stopped promoting the festival darling. That is confidence, not to mention good business. Even if the film’s rating isn’t repealed, there should be enough interest from the masses to get this movie at least into a few theaters and definitely onto many DVD shelves.

This new poster that showed up at IMP Awards is basically the direct opposite of the one we posted last week. This one is light and touching in a romantic, The Notebook sort of way while the other showed more of the film’s passionate, rougher side. It’s a great bit of marketing as each poster shows off one side of the film’s varying tones all while aiming at different demographics.

I can honestly say this is the first “chick flick” (or at least it comes off that way) I’ve been excited to see maybe ever. It looks creative, smart, and doesn’t seem to pull its punches. It’d be interesting to see the NC-17 cut just to know what exactly put Blue Valentine over the edge, but we may have to wait for the DVD. More on this as it unfolds, but in the mean time, enjoy this shiny new poster.

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